World Lion Day 2015 – In Honor of Cecil

Today is World Lion Day and of course this year it’s more emotional and poignant than in others after the brutal death of Cecil the Lion. I was just in Zimbabwe this past March and some of my fellow volunteers visited Hwange National Park, which is where Cecil lived. Protected. They came home to the volunteer center after their long weekend raving about all the magnificent wildlife they had seen at Hwange, including lions just like Cecil, who mesmerize and amaze.


So the death of Cecil really hit home for me. It’s never been in me: the thought of killing another living creature (though yes, I eat meat so say what you will). When I see a beautiful animal all I am is transfixed with the glory of being so close to nature and to me, that’s my way of being close to God.  I will never understand the desire to kill. To kill to eat and survive is one thing. To kill for sport to have a “trophy” head hanging on your wall is something I personally think is close to clinical.


I just don’t see the difference in getting a thrill in killing an animal and in getting a thrill in killing a human. Call it extreme, but I think if someone clearly thrills in killing for killings sake, whether it be animal or human, it’s just plain wrong. I may or may not be one of those people who prefer animals to humans. Just being honest.


So here are some pictures I took of some beautiful, wondrous, gentle lions that I came across on my recent trip to Africa (and some from my friend Lance who had a MUCH better camera than me).


Happy World Lion Day everyone. May we strive to take care of this planet and ALL it’s inhabitants better in the days to come.



Love. No matter who you are it's real.

Love. No matter who you are it’s real.

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